Here we have a small collection of some of the most beloved and gritty members of society: 

The Opossum, whose body temperature is too low to harbor rabies

The Raccoon, who, despite his questionable diet, always washes his hands
The Pigeon, who is...just a mess. A real damn mess.

and The Skunk, the sweet and smelly life of the party


Just added! 

Trash King - who wants you to embrace your royalty

Wormy Boi - a tribute to our scooty cat, Pico

We Go Together - you're the microwave to my frozen burrito <3



Each sticker is 3" at the widest dimension. Glossy paper. Available as singles or in a pack. 


Trash Kids Stickers

  • Note: orders of one single sticker will be sent by regular post with no tracking. 

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