How to Commission Custom Art

Having artwork made to your specifications is easier than it sounds. The process begins when you contact me with a special request. We'll communicate over email, exchanging stories and ideas and perhaps photographs of your preferred subject. It's safe to say that at this point, no request is too crazy--in fact, I look at each project as a fun challenge. 

There are three hanging options when commissioning a piece:

1. Watercolor paper mounted to thin (1/8" deep) MDF board. This keeps the paper from buckling over time and allows for easy framing.

2. Watercolor paper mounted on wood panel canvas. These canvases are 1.5" deep and are ready-to-hang, have the appearance of gallery art, and offer a modern, clean look for your piece. 

3. Watercolor paper mounted on MDF board, plus a custom frame. This is something we can discuss, and the price will vary according to your needs. 

5x7", 6x6"


8x8", 8x10"








Custom Frame

varies with size

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This information is intended as a guide and estimate; please contact me to confirm your project's sizing and total price.

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