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Having artwork made to your specifications is easier than it sounds. The process begins when you contact me with a special request. We'll communicate over email, exchanging stories and ideas and perhaps photographs of your preferred subject. It's safe to say that at this point, no request is too crazy--in fact, I look at each project as a fun challenge. Below you'll find a description of my processes, and further down is my pricing menu for Wood Panel Canvas, Vintage Silver Plates, and Murals.  


A common and more traditional request is for a painting on a wood panel canvas. These canvases have a depth of 7/8" to 1.5" depending on supplier availability. Each canvas is prepped carefully with a multi-step process before the watercolor paper is mounted to ensure that your painting maintains its archival quality through the years.

Due to the risk of damage during transport, I no longer offer paintings in frames with glass.

To finish and seal your painting, you have two choices: I can use two to three coats of lacquer, which acts as a protectant and gives a more "natural" painting look when it dries. Or I can pour a coat of resin, which provides a super high-gloss, almost glass-like finish. 

natural-look lacquer seal

high-gloss resin coat


I've been collecting silver plates from thrift stores for some time, and decided a couple of years ago to repurpose them into works of art. It's become a favorite project of mine and a favorite of my patrons as well. 

These can be a little more whimsical, with bright and colorful designs painted on blackened silver. All plates are finished with resin to protect the otherwise easy-to-scratch artwork. Hanging hardware is fixed to the back with metal epoxy.

custom painting, wood panel

The advantage of resin sealing is extra protection from the elements and aging, though you will still need to keep your painting out of direct sunlight, as you would with any piece of art. 

The look also adds a dramatic element to the painting itself. Feel free to ask for my recommendation.

silver plate, antique plate, plate painting


I recently added indoor murals and larger panel pieces to my offerings and I've had so much fun with them. Pricing for these is dependent on many variables but begins at $500. Please contact me so we can determine the best direction for you. 

home mural, snake mural




5x7,  6x6,  6x8"                     $95

8X8,  8X10"                         $160

9X12,  10X10"                      $185

11X14,  12X12"                      $220

12x16"                                   $300

Lacquer finish                 included

Resin finish                              $10


**Subject to availability and what I can find. Contact me to find out what I have in stock.** 

SIZE (estimated by diameter)

5" - 7"                    $80

8" - 10"                 $125

10" - 12"                $150

All silver plates are resin-finished


Starting at $500 and dependent on size and complexity. Please contact me to determine actual price. 

custom painting, fox painting
custom painting, snake painting
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