Hilary Kelley

Photo by Erin Dodd

Hilary Kelley is a painter and illustrator living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. 


From the foothills of Appalachia, Hilary grew up in the woods, got lost in the woods, and still runs away to the woods as often as she can. Much of her work is imbued with a sense of feeling lost or lonely, but with a glimmer of optimism at the corners. She gleans a lot of inspiration from space, observing patterns, behind-the-scenes commentary, and coincidences. 


Aside from being one of those horse girls as a child, Hilary also attempted to adopt every stray dog that found its way into her yard. Her love of the natural world manifested in thousands of drawings, aspirations to become an elephant trainer, and finally growing up to be a self-taught artist who really only likes painting animals.


Hilary lives with her baker husband, Kyle, and a small menagerie, of course. 


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